Do you need to select at all?Screening and selection are not a concern for every organisation that involves volunteers. Some,
Introduction   Getting enough of the right people is the most basic challenge of working with volunteers. Recruitment is an
What is a volunteer policy? Volunteer-involving organisations tend to work within the parameters of this framework: Legislation Constitution or Memorandum
    Functions of volunteer training Training demonstrates that the organisation believes in a high standard of work Training lessens
Effective operation of a volunteer program requires that there is a supportive working relationship between staff and volunteers. If either
During the recruitment process, some organisations ask volunteers for references.  There are many types of questions to ask, depending on the
The following is an example of the types of information that you should include in a recruitment message. Need: (What
Fingal Volunteer Centre Limited is an independent company part of a network of 22 Volunteer centres. It is a Company
  There are many types and styles of job descriptions – the following is just one example of the types
Below is a list containing some examples of Virtual Volunteering work.  * Technical assistance provided by online volunteers to staff