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Definition of Volunteering: “Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy, for the benefit of society, local communities, and individuals outside the immediate family, the environment or other causes. Voluntary activities are undertaken of a person’s own free will, without payment.”

You will need to decide what type of volunteering you are interesting in doing, i.e. short term or long term roles.  You will also need to decide what area you are most interested in being involved with, i.e. volunteering with animals, working in an office, etc. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for you can search for opportunities through the Volunteers tab and then the search for opportunities tab. You will then need to register with us. If you are unclear about what volunteering roles you are interested in applying for we have several helpful articles that may help you on your volunteer journey, or if you would like to speak to our placement officer, please see our Outreach programme under the Events tab for dates, times, and locations for the drop in service  and how to book an appointment.

Once you have decided on the role you wish to apply for you will need to register with us. To register simply go to the following link and complete the registration form.

When you have registered with us a member of our team will contact you regarding the role you are applying for and to offer support during your volunteer journey. We aim to respond within 2-3 working days.

Volunteering can be an immensely rewarding experience, but it can also be difficult to decide which area to volunteer your time to. We recommend picking an issue you really care about, for example, if you love dogs, than you might look at organisations that take on volunteers that help out with caring for dogs.

The following article may help you when deciding.

Questions to ask yourself before volunteering

Often, there are so many volunteer opportunities to choose; finding the right one is difficult. Here are some helpful hints: Pick an issue you really care about: What are some community problems that concern you? If your choices include broad issues like health or environment, you may want to narrow it down to specific parts […]

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Yes, but you will need to check the role description you wish to apply for, as some organisations are unable to accommodate persons under the age of 18

Yes, but you will need to contact the organisation you wish to volunteer with and check if they can accommodate your individual needs.

For more information please see:

Ever thought of disability and volunteering?

A Practical Checklist for organisations involving people with disabilities as volunteers. Actively encourage people with disabilities to volunteer through targeted promotion, and the use of appealing recruitment campaigns. Overcome physical barriers to involving volunteers, eg buildings, transport, information, equipment, to be more accessible to every form of disability. Be creative, and develop volunteering opportunities which […]

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Yes, volunteering can be a great way to up-skill and show potential employers your abilities and willingness to work. For more information please see our article below “volunteering while unemployed”

Volunteering while unemployed

  People who are in receipt of payments such as Jobseeker Support Social can volunteer for as long and as frequently as they wish without affecting any of their social welfare payments. However, if you are in receipt of payments from the Department of Social Protection due to being unemployed or disabled, there are certain […]

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Yes. Please note, some roles require a minimum level of English

Yes, most organisations will do an interview for long them roles. Volunteering roles are very similar to employment roles, the organisation will want to make sure you are the right candidate for the position, and it is an opportunity for you to find out more about the role and organisation. It is unlikely you would be interviewed for short term .i.e. one day events.

Most organisations are happy to give you a reference for volunteering with them, however, some organisation are less inclined to give references for once off events. It is important to ask the organisation before starting.

Some organisations will reimburse expenses, such as, travel to training or events, and food. However, each organisation is different and some may not reimburse expenses, so please ensure that you discuss this with the organisation before starting.

You will only need to be Garda vetted if the role you are doing involves working with children or vulnerable people.

To see the full legislative act please follow this link:


If you would like to recruit volunteers through I-VOL our national database, and your organisation falls with the Fingal catchment area, you will first need to register your organisation with us and our placement officer will contact you. We also have many articles in our volunteer management toolkit (under the organisations tab) that may help you.

You can register your organisation by following this link and complete the online registration form. Once this is completed our placement officer will be in contact with you to activate your account.

Once your account is activated you can post a volunteer role by following this link or by going to the organisation tab then the post an opportunity tab.

We can not guarantee a timeframe, or that the role will be filled, however, we will make every effort in promoting your role within our volunteer network, and are available should you need assistance.

No, not all volunteers require Garda vetting. Garda vetting is role specific and must involve work directly with children and vulnerable people. For more information regarding Garda vetting please see the Garda vetting tab under organisations.