Fingal Volunteer Garda Vetting Service

As part of Fingal Volunteer Centre’s commitment to support volunteering, we provide a Garda Vetting service for not-for-profit groups in the Fingal area. The service is available for organisations that wish to vet persons, but who do not have access to a Liaison Person within their own organisation.

Please note: New organisations wishing to avail of this service must first register with the National Garda Vetting Bureau. For contact information please see

Important information!

As a larger number of vetting applications are being rejected by the Vetting Bureau. It is important to have CLEAR role descriptions, that specify how the applicant will work with Children or Vulnerable adults.

If the applicant does not interact with children or vulnerable adults as part of their role, and if interacting with children or vulnerable adults is only incidental: this person should NOT be vetted, and it is deemed an unlawful offence to do so.

It is for this reason that we need to be stricter on CLEAR role descriptions that specify how the person will interact with Children or Vulnerable adults as part of their work.

We would appreciate if you could clarify the role description for NAME

Role Description:

Stating how this applicant will interact with Children / Vulnerable adults as part of their work.

Role Description:

Incorrect Job Role         Image result for incorrect tickCorrect Job Role           Image result for correct tick
Clerical OfficerHospital ward clerical officer in contact with vulnerable persons
Security WorkerHospital Security work involves regular and necessary contact with both children and vulnerable adults.
ParentParent assisting with football juvenile coaching
VolunteerVolunteer at youth charity events
CaretakerSchool caretaker involves regular contact with children
CoachCoaching U18s team.

Frequently Asked Questions on Garda Vetting

You will need to contact our Garda vetting liaison officer at they will provide you with all the relevant information you will need to get started. And are happy to help with any further questions you might have.

Any staff member/ volunteer /worker who will be doing relevant work as a primary and regular part of their role

  • Relevant work should not be incidental to their role, i.e. happening as a minor or secondary part of their role

Schedule 1, Part 1 and Part 2 defines relevant work:


  • Part 1: relevant work or activities

relating to children (For the purposes of the Act a child is a person under the age of 18)


  • Part 2: relevant work or activities

relating to vulnerable persons

A person, other than a child, who

  1. Is suffering from a disorder of the mind, whether as a result of mental illness or dementia,
  2. Has an intellectual disability,
  3. Is suffering from a physical impairment, whether as a result of injury, illness or age or
  4. Has a physical disability

Which is of such a nature or degree

    1. As to restrict the capacity of the person to guard himself or herself against harm by another person, or
    2. That results in the person requiring assistance with the activities of daily living including dressing, eating, walking, washing and bathing

We aim to have applications processed within 3 working days from the date of submission, once the applicant has completed the inviter link (applicant has 30 days to fill out the link), it takes approximately one to two weeks for the forms to be processed by the National Vetting Bureau and sent back to us, however, some applications can take longer than others.

A disclosure cert is the name of the form that is returned to the organisation once the applicant has been vetted. It does not mean there is a criminal record disclosure, it is simply the name of the document.

Yes, you can do both. A Garda vetting application that discloses a criminal record does not mean you are ineligible to volunteer. Most organisation will consider your job application providing you are upfront and honest. However, it is entirely up to the organisation whether they offer you the position.

For more information on this service please contact or telephone 018991921.