Definition Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society and the community, the environment or
Are you thinking about getting involved and becoming a volunteer?   If you are interested in the principles of Volunteering from
Just as there are "introduction" processes volunteers and staff members go through, there should be processes for when individuals end
Introduction Charities and other voluntary organisations, which allow the distinction between, paid employees and volunteers to become blurred create a
Launched in 2001, this countywide service had two volunteer centres, one in Swords and one in Blanchardstown. It was initially
Do you need to select at all?Screening and selection are not a concern for every organisation that involves volunteers. Some,
Introduction   Getting enough of the right people is the most basic challenge of working with volunteers. Recruitment is an
What is a volunteer policy? Volunteer-involving organisations tend to work within the parameters of this framework: Legislation Constitution or Memorandum
    Functions of volunteer training Training demonstrates that the organisation believes in a high standard of work Training lessens
Effective operation of a volunteer program requires that there is a supportive working relationship between staff and volunteers. If either