The Virtual Volunteering Project\'s information is geared to agencies who already understand the basics of volunteer management, and how to
Virtual volunteering means volunteer tasks completed, in whole or in part, via the Internet and a home or work computer.
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Organisations rights To look for certain qualities and skills in volunteers To select only volunteers who are suitable for the
The following are a list of useful checks to ensure that your volunteer has a welcoming, informative and rewarding first
Be Prepared ! Just like another well-known volunteer organisation with that slogan, your organisation needs to be prepared. It needs
One of the recurrent nightmares of any volunteer manager is encountering a situation in which they may have to consider
A Practical Checklist for organisations involving people with disabilities as volunteers. Actively encourage people with disabilities to volunteer through targeted
 A Practical Checklist for organisations involving older people as volunteers Have fully operational equal opportunities policies which encourage older people