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Ever thought of disability and volunteering?

Involving people with disabilityA Practical Checklist for organisations involving people with disabilities as volunteers.

  • Actively encourage people with disabilities to volunteer through targeted promotion, and the use of appealing recruitment campaigns.
  • Overcome physical barriers to involving volunteers, eg buildings, transport, information, equipment, to be more accessible to every form of disability.
  • Be creative, and develop volunteering opportunities which can be carried out by people with disabilities.
  • Allow for flexible volunteering opportunities.
  • Train staff and volunteers in equal opportunities and disability awareness, so that myths and stereotyping do not lead to negative attitudes, or assumptions about what people can and cannot do.
  • Meet volunteers\' needs and match them to tasks.
  • Make support available on an ongoing basis to the volunteers.
  • Pay out-of-pocket expenses, and give clear information around volunteering when on welfare benefits, so that fear of losing benefits does not become a barrier to volunteering.
  • Ask staff to remember that the person is a person first - the disability is second.
  • Follow good practice in the management of volunteers in all instances, eg volunteer policy, recruitment and selection, induction, training, support and supervision.
  • Have fully operational equal opportunities policies which encourage people with disabilities to volunteer, and to be involved effectively.
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